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Spring Steel Coil Powered Mechanism

While we were brainstorming on ways to power our car I did some research on using the spring steel coil method of powering a car, where a coil of spring steel is rolled up, and wound tightly, so when released it quickly uncoils, and propels the car forward. This system is frequently used in toy […]

Final Project Idea

Mira and I talked about exploring how simple behaviors (movements) can give an object personality. At first I was thinking about my fantasy device, a bag that follows you around, and how it would inevitably become like a child or pet and would need some simple code of behavior to understand how to follow somebody […]

Transistor Lab

I used a 5V regulator to regulate the 9V going into the motor, and then I thought that I could power the arduino with that same 5V, and it worked! I was able to unplug it from the computer. But doesn’t this defeat the purpose of using an external (to arduino) power supply? Was the […]

Media Controller 3

To get back to the call and response issue, I want to resolve it for future reference, and I think I may have found the issue: a misplaced ‘}’. Here is the arduino code: int analogOne = 0; // analog input int analogTwo = 1; int analogThree = 2; int analogFour=3; int analogFive=4; int analogSix=5; […]

Media Controller

The code finally worked at 1 am. I had tried several different ways of merging the movie manipulation code with the call and response method that was working with simple color manipulation with all of the sensors, but something was going wrong. I will try again, but the standard serial communication worked fine after a […]