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Media Controller tech

We decided to make a squishy soft video/audio controller. I began by making the sensors we were interested in using talk to the computer. We had ordered some sensors we wanted to play with: flex sensors, a larger force sensing resistor, accelerometers, light sensors, and a proximity sensor. I wired the sensors so that we […]

Shade Powered Tape Player

Our assignment was to apply a reversed dc permanent magnet motor generator to something, so to create something you can manually power. I decided to use a roll up shade. In our classroom there are very large shades that are open and closed by pulling on a circular chain. Therefore the power is transferred from […]

“Visual Intelligence” – Donald D. Hoffman Hoffman argues that we create everything we see, hear, feel, smell, taste, etc. He says the we easily believe this in the case of seeing, because of the extensive research done on varying visual perception, but that we consider touch to have a ¬† more concrete connection to a common reality. He talks about […]

Serial Communication 2

I got a very long (2 ft i think) force sensing resistor for our media controller, and I’m using it for this lab. I really love it. Its so sensitive and conducts evenly throughout its length. The next part includes two flex sensors. With the addition of the switch, I tried to make it add […]

Interactive Device.

In the sense of “listening, thinking, responding”, the subway ticket machine processes a range of input and responds with options, followed by a final response of the card or the card refill. It says welcome, thank you, and good bye. Shortly after reading the Norman article I had to buy a new card, and despite […]

Serial Communication Lab

I have been so frustrated for so long about this issue that keeps resurfacing, especially in this lab. I first had this problem in the stupid pet trick, when I didn’t know anything about serial communication, I faked my way around it by altering the code, and now its back to haunt me. I think […]

Analog Output Labs

The servo code was really interesting : the fake analog out strategy of pulse width modulation. I’m trying to understand it: As I understand, a full pulse cycle of two pulses, consists of a high pulse of 5V and a low of 0V, no V, of varying lengths (in order of a few milliseconds – […]

Norman – The Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design

I really appreciate Norman’s passion for good design, and his anger toward bad design. I too sometimes have a hard time opening doors and working simple devices, and it makes me irrationally angry at that device, or person who made it, for making me feel so incompetent, but mostly for unnecessarily¬†causing the stress and frustration. […]

Stupid Pet Trick

Allison and I made a squirrel nut cracker that cracks jokes as it cracks nuts. A few things I would like to remember: the funniness of things becomes more complicated when you spend hours working on the code of it (but maybe it would feel the same with the sadness of things, or the profoundness […]

Design meets Disability, Graham Pullin

Sorry to my many dedicated readers for my blogging hiatus. I need to catch up because I’m learning a lot that I am about to forget. This reading was really helpful. I have always been passionate about good design, or very angry about the lack of it, in every object. Pullin’s focus on the ipod […]