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Phone Land

This project was a collaboration with Steve Aquilano, who was able to do amazing things with cron jobs and Asterisk. The concept was a system where a caller, when placing a call, would end up in the space of “Phone Land”.  Instead of hearing ringing on the other end, they are taken on a sonic […]

Megaphone F A X Machine

Using Megaphone’s API, I created a fax like process, where an image is read on one side, and pixel by pixel is transformed into audio, with the pitch and amplitude varying depending on the brightness of the pixel. The sound is sent via telephone to a java program running through the megaphone API, which analyzes the amplitude of the incoming sound, and attempts to recreate the original image.

Art by Telephone and other Ideas from Adriana de Souza e Silva

“Telecommunications-based art is primarily concerned with connecting distant and contiguous spaces.” – Adriana de Souza e Silva Adriana de Souza e Silva gives a brief historical account of telecommunications-based art, highlighting the transition from the original telephone (used as a voice transmission communication device) to mobile phones being used as a bridge between the physical […]