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the Gesticulator: Sensitive Attire

 A   tool for overtly engaging the power of the eyes. The Gesticulator projects what I am looking at onto my front, turning the gestures of my eyes from a passive to an active, even aggressive, statement.   More so than the gestures themselves, it is the shared awareness (between me and others) of the […]

Flow – a project with Johnny Lu

  Flow monitors restroom water use for conservation while transmuting its effluvia into an aesthetic experience. Sensors attached to xbee radios in the restroom detect toilet flushes and allow for us to monitor water usage throughout the day. These are sent over an internet connection to our database from which we can collect data, do […]

Vibrant Project

This week I began reading Vibrant Matter, and not to be dramatic, but one major take away from the first chapter is that we (people) seem to be viewing the world in an increasingly apathetic sense. I don’t know a better word than apathy, but I will think about it, because I don’t mean to […]

Phone Land

This project was a collaboration with Steve Aquilano, who was able to do amazing things with cron jobs and Asterisk. The concept was a system where a caller, when placing a call, would end up in the space of “Phone Land”.  Instead of hearing ringing on the other end, they are taken on a sonic […]

Highline Intervention 2

Working on this project with : Kimi, Engen, and Filipa We are proposing an installation on or below the highline where people’s cell phones communicate, via bluetooth, and notify each other of proximity. The installation, depending on the form it takes and may be directed at the people who see it, or made for them, […]

Highline Intervention

Responding to the mediated voyeurism of the highline, Visible Voyeur created an intimate experience in public space. Our goal was to facilitate an unexpected discovery, one that would be intriguing, but violate your sense of what is right and normal in public space. The initial installation, on the highline, looked quite nice, and as a […]

Facebook Nodes

The facebook nodes project visualizes connections between people who log into the site. The users are repositioned based on node attraction through a spring system within the nodes. The strength of the node attraction is determined by the users’ connections.

Megaphone F A X Machine

Using Megaphone’s API, I created a fax like process, where an image is read on one side, and pixel by pixel is transformed into audio, with the pitch and amplitude varying depending on the brightness of the pixel. The sound is sent via telephone to a java program running through the megaphone API, which analyzes the amplitude of the incoming sound, and attempts to recreate the original image.

The Googler

The googler is a program that represents what it hears via voice transcription in google images. It exists in a space, presenting google results in a somewhat vague format. My hope is that while overhearing conversations, it will respond with google image representations that somehow add context or put an interesting spin on what is being said. If its behavior is unfamiliar, then I want the images to appear serendipitously synced with the conversation.

N-gram Text Generators

One of the most parsed and scrutinized bodies of text is the presidential address, so it was the first thing that came to mind to try to replicate with text generation. State of the union addresses use a consistent language that is very intentional, and a vocabulary latent with meaning. Because of the repetition of […]