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the Gesticulator: Sensitive Attire

 A   tool for overtly engaging the power of the eyes. The Gesticulator projects what I am looking at onto my front, turning the gestures of my eyes from a passive to an active, even aggressive, statement.   More so than the gestures themselves, it is the shared awareness (between me and others) of the […]

Flow – a project with Johnny Lu

  Flow monitors restroom water use for conservation while transmuting its effluvia into an aesthetic experience. Sensors attached to xbee radios in the restroom detect toilet flushes and allow for us to monitor water usage throughout the day. These are sent over an internet connection to our database from which we can collect data, do […]

Hacking the FingerPrint Sensor

    This is a summary of my progress in hacking the FIM5360N-LV fingerprint scanner.  I am not yet able to register fingerprints, but otherwise feel very close to having it work. I solved some issues that I couldn’t find answers for online, so I wanted to document this in detail for future reference. I used a MAX3232  […]