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Phone Land

This project was a collaboration with Steve Aquilano, who was able to do amazing things with cron jobs and Asterisk. The concept was a system where a caller, when placing a call, would end up in the space of “Phone Land”. ¬†Instead of hearing ringing on the other end, they are taken on a sonic […]

Observing an Intersection 1

The first of two installments of watching the intersection to observe a “hidden” network layer.  

Highline Intervention 2

Working on this project with : Kimi, Engen, and Filipa We are proposing an installation on or below the highline where people’s cell phones communicate, via bluetooth, and notify each other of proximity. The installation, depending on the form it takes and may be directed at the people who see it, or made for them, […]

Highline Intervention

Responding to the mediated voyeurism of the highline, Visible Voyeur created an intimate experience in public space. Our goal was to facilitate an unexpected discovery, one that would be intriguing, but violate your sense of what is right and normal in public space. The initial installation, on the highline, looked quite nice, and as a […]