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The Googler

The googler is a program that represents what it hears via voice transcription in google images. It exists in a space, presenting google results in a somewhat vague format. My hope is that while overhearing conversations, it will respond with google image representations that somehow add context or put an interesting spin on what is being said. If its behavior is unfamiliar, then I want the images to appear serendipitously synced with the conversation.

Page Rank Algorithm

Google rates pages based on the way that others perceive and describe them, but has become our main source of information, so therefore continues to rate pages based on their adherence to their own delicately prescribed popularity contest. The main criteria is relevance. Relevance as measured by people linking, siting it. It is more important […]

POS Tagging and Visualization

Update: the following images show the use of certain words referring to war, children/education, and health care in the combined speeches of the last three presidents. The word choices reflect my own biases. Words such as war, terrorists, terror, security, bomb, attack, were grouped into the “military” category, words such as education, children, schools, teachers, […]