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Fantasy Device

This device is something I desperately need or want really. It is a bag that follows you around like a child (its only like a child in this sense – that it follows you around, its otherwise inferior, obviously) or a trained mule. One would be able to put into it anything they wanted without […]

Lab 1 Blinking LEDs, Getting Creative

I wanted to move the switch to somewhere functional, so I converted the project into an occupied/available bathroom sign, modeled here by Donna. When the door was locked the light turned red. [wpvideo USu3ltnY] Switch Open: Switch Closed: I just saw that Ezer also made an amazing occupied sign! But with more applications:

Sensor Walk

Going on a walk around my neighborhood with an awareness for sensors, I noticed more obvious sensors where there were less people. For example, on Bedford Avenue, where there were lots of people during my walk, I mostly noticed card swipe sensors, buttons, light sensitive street lights, and those loud door beep sensors in stores. […]


How this blog is organized: As usual, the blogs are listed by date. In the categories on the right I have placed my class and reading notes under Notes, and projects are located under Projects. The other links on the right categorize the blogs by classes I have taken at ITP, which include Physical Computing […]